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and here we have a capitalist 

Did you just.

let us all take a moment to appreciate that all of human history and human language and the universe itself aligned to make this joke possible

Introducing the Mun

Name or nickname: Jax
Tumblr URL(s): justthetenth, outofplaceoutoftime, deathstruechampion, hackyscificliche
Gender: FAABulous Queerboi
Sexual Orientation


With some instances of het but it is rare.

Fandoms: There are many but my main ones right now are Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Night Vale
Muse(s): Ten, the Master, Jack Harkness, and Cecil Baldwin. There are others that are on hiatus, those are my active ones at the moment.
<OC friendly?: This largely depends on what kind of OC and what the OC’s mun is willing to do with me. I don’t just take family/child/lover OCs for my characters right off the bat, if you want your OC to be related to any of my characters in any way, I need to have it plotted OOC before we start playing. But! I adore OCs and have many of my own that I just don’t play on Tumblr, so feel free to start something with me ^_^
Will you ship your muse with any sex?: Yes, though personal preference for me tends to be Male/Male ships as I am a gay man, but the only Muse I have right now that is exclusively gay is Cecil.
Are you open to SFW rp?: Yes, and if you are under 18, we will ONLY do SFW rps, no exceptions. Fade to blacks will be used for sexy times.
Are you open to NSFW rp?: Always. And depending on the muse, it can be one-night-stands or long-lasting things. I’m also open to sexual M!As. But, restating what I said above, NSFW will only happen with muns above 18. I’m a 29 year old with a child, I don’t need to, or want to, RP smut with someone underage, especially if it can get me in major legal trouble and possibly throw me in jail or get my son taken from me.
Can people come up and start a conversation with you?: Absolutely!
Can they be your friend?:  Largely depends how well we hit it off OOC. I’ve met some incredible people here and I’ve hit it off with some amazing muns. But, I’ve been hurt and shoved aside on this site as well, especially in the 3 years I’ve been playing on here, so sometimes I can be a bit wary and awkward about starting up a friendship.

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fixedpointcaptain sent:

It wasn't normal for Jack to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating. He pushed the blankets off of him and rolled over to cuddle with the blond Time Lord. The Captain wrapped his arm around the Master but pulled away as he felt the normally cold skin, turn really hot and burn him. "Master?" He asked, turning the light on and getting to his feet. He picked the Time Lord up, carrying him to the shower. He sat on the shower floor as cold water rained down on them. Jack's lips were blue.

The Master, though being Death’s Champion, didn’t have the same regenerative properties as Jack did. His immortality was different, and he could certainly get sick. He suspected he had caught an alien virus from something he had been fiddling with in the archives, but he hadn’t told Jack.

But as he slept beside his once captor, now lover, the Master’s temperature rose, his body shook with chills and hot flashes, and when Jack lifted him into his arms he was too weak to manage a protest.

A gasp escaped him as the cold water washed over him, and he was immediately sliding over to the side of the shower Jack was sitting at, opening his red and puffy eyes to look at the shivering Captain. “J-Jack… you… you’re g-giving yours-self hyp-hypothermia… b-bloody f-fool, you don’t… h-have to b-be in here with me…” he said through chattering teeth, reaching up weakly to turn the water off, feeling thoroughly cold enough now. He curled up, weak and wet, against Jack though. “Th-thank you…”

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My muse is suffering from a high fever. What does your muse do?

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“Travel with you?” Jack closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against the Master’s. What he wouldn’t give to be able to do that again…and to not be alone, to share all of it with someone who understood him… “Alright,” he said, kissing him again. “I’d love that, I really would. Assuming you aren’t sick of me by then,” he added with a wink.

Tugging the Master’s hand, he pulled him towards the archives. He was actually really interested in seeing if there was anything down there that the Time Lord could identify. “Just behave yourself alright?”

"Oh, I don’t think I will be getting sick of you any time soon, Jack." The Master said, returning the second kiss tenderly and quickly before the Captain began to tug him through the hub.

A small chuckle escaped his lips at Jack’s last words and he rolled his eyes, though he had a good-natured and mischievous smile on his lips. “And what if I don’t behave? Will you punish me, hmm? Perhaps a spanking.” he said with a teasing tone.




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Mismatched Fates | Master and Zack | Closed RP


"Just the essentials," the Archangel sighed against his lover’s lips. "My naughtier things are in my room." A pity. Named for a pure being, a divine creature, Zuriel could nonetheless be quite wicked in his Master’s arms. This much was obvious from the completely unholy way a toned ass was being ground against the older man’s crotch while tanned fingers kneaded their way up to Koschei’s chest, massaging, bracing Zuriel for his dance-like moves.

"A belt works in a pinch though." Mmmm, the things that could be done with a belt. Binding. Punishment. Teasing. The thoughts made the Archangel smile as he kissed his lover again with a satisfied sort of moan, hips sliding back so he could grind obvious evidence of his arousal against the Master.

The Master murmured against the Archangel’s lips slightly, closing his eyes and moaning at the way the other man moved on top of him. Even in a new incarnation, his lover was nimble and graceful and every touch felt absolutely amazing.

"Oh, a belt would work very nicely…" He said with a grin, catching Zuriel’s lips for a passionate kiss as he moved his fingers to work on the fastenings of his lover’s belt.